Friday, April 2, 2010

What is Coaching for Asperger's?

Have you been diagnosed with Asperger's or Autism?

you always suspected there's something a little different about the way
you act and think and view the world?

Whether or not you have a diagnosis, Coaching
for Asperger's may be right for you.

You'll be in charge. In coaching, you set your own goals. You don't
need to change any of your quirks, or any of the differences that make
you special. Coaches don't prescribe medications and they don't
diagnose. And your sessions will be private.

  • Is it tough to keep up with all the details that the world

  • Are you sick of doing great work that your boss doesn't notice?

  • Are you frustrated about finding and keeping friends?

  • Are you happy with the way you are, but tired of how others expect
    you to behave?

It's understandable that you may get frustrated. People with
Asperger's offer the world their unique talents, and they have unique
needs. Sometimes the world gives you one set of rules, but then seems to
run by another. The professional world is unpredictable and it can be
hard to get the recognition you deserve. And socially, it's hard to meet
others you have things in common with.

Coaching can help you succeed in the world,
while being true to yourself.

Coaching for Asperger's is not about
diagnosing or labeling people. It's not about trying to fix or cure
anyone, or even change anyone. 

Instead, Coaching for Asperger's is about
working with people, with or without a formal diagnosis of Asperger's,
to help them recognize, appreciate
and expand on all the strengths and advantages that go along with the
differences. And, at the same time, it's working with
some of the struggles and difficulties that may come along with all
these strengths so that you can reach your goals, succeed and live the
life you want.

Coaching sessions are held over the phone, online using web cameras,
or in person in my Northern California office. Together we'll set up a
schedule that works for you. I work with adults, teens and parents of
younger kids. It's fine whether or not you have a formal diagnosis of
Asperger's, if you suspect you might have Asperger's, or if you don't
want anything to do with diagnosis.

Coaching for Asperger's can help you:

  • Get the recognition you deserve at work.

  • Get a great social life, and still have time to yourself.

  • Figure out how to handle all those nagging details of life.

Complete Privacy:

  • Session are completely private.

  • You can pay using Paypal or by check.

  • There's nothing reported to your employer or medical insurance.

  • I do not give you a diagnosis.

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