Friday, April 2, 2010

Welcome to My New Blog

Welcome to My New Blog: Thrive on the Autism Spectrum. For those of you who read Social Skills for Kids or Coach for Asperger's, this blog is the result of combining the two into one blog. Originally, Social Skills for Kids, started in March of 2008, was aimed at the parents of kids with Asperger's, autism, ADHD and other developmental disorders. Because I started getting a lot of requests from adults on the autism spectrum, I started Coach for Asperger's about 6 months later.
Now I'm finding that many of the topics I cover apply equally well to kids and adults, and they work in both the world of school and the world of work. I thought it would be better to focus all my efforts on one uniform blog, so it's easier to find information. I've imported my original posts to this blog where they'll remain available. I'll also be leaving my original blogs up for a while, but my updates will go on this new blog.
Thanks for reading my blogs. Please leave comments, I love to hear from you!

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