Sunday, January 31, 2010

Temple Grandin Movie Premiers This Saturday on HBO

Don't forget, the Temple Grandin movie is premiering on February 6,
2010 on HBO! Most of my readers are familiar with Temple Grandin, PhD,
perhaps the most well known autistic person in America, as well as the
designer of almost half the cattle handling equipment in North America.
Dr. Grandin is inspiring because of her clear presentation and writing
style, as well as the way she’s learned to adapt the strengths of her
diagnosis to accomplish things she probably wouldn’t have been able to
if she weren’t autistic. Dr. Grandin remains a free thinker, an
individual who lives a life that is meaningful for her, and expands our
own vision (whether autistic or neurotypical) of what a successful life can be.
Our society so frequently presents one way of succeeding in the world, with a fixed idea on success, relationships and how we should behave. Dr. Grandin is an example to all of us on how success can really be defined by the individual. Although she writes about learning social skills and has adapted to a neurotypical world in some ways, at the same time she remains true to herself, defining her own needs and wishes with regard to career and relationship. I always enjoy Dr. Grandin's writing, and I'm looking forward to this movie.

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