Wednesday, September 16, 2009

An Invitation For My Readers

I’m wondering if my readers who have autistic or Asperger’s children can help me. I’m looking for your stories of success and hope. For years I’ve worked with autistic and Asperger’s kids and teens and their families. A lot of these clients are coming to me because they’re really in crisis. (Nobody goes to a therapist because things feel great!) The kids may be out of control behaviorally or overcome with emotional issues, the family may feel overwhelmed, and things can just feel hopeless.
At the same time, I know that this kind of negative situation is not always the case. Kids with ASDs, autism and Asperger’s can thrive, symptoms can be managed and families can learn to work together and flourish. That’s what I tell the parents I work with: things can get easier, it doesn’t have to always be this tough, your child can make tremendous progress.
I think that a lot of the parents feel better hearing that. But there’s something that would be more comforting and more inspiring than my reassurances - and that’s your reassurances. As parents of kids on the spectrum, you have a wealth of experience, knowledge, and wisdom. You’ve lived with your kids every day, and seen them grow, learn, and develop. And from my experience, parents of kids with special needs seem to be especially generous with their support and sharing their knowledge with each other.
So, if you’d like to share your success stories with other parents, talk about how things have improved for your kids, or just send words of hope to someone who may not be as far along the journey as you are, please do so here. You can email me, comment right here, or attach a trackback to your own blog. Thanks! I’m looking forward to hearing from you.

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